DIY Salt Scrub

The Journey thus Far

It all started with my CSA with Aspen Moon Farm in Hygiene, Colorado.

From that, I searched Amazon for some farmer’s market friendly cookbooks, and ended up with Ilona Oppenheim’s Savor in my cart.

I was inspired by her recipe for making your own yogurt, which I was already open to the idea because my mother-in-law does this.

So I poked around the internet and came across the Cultures for Health website. I knew I didn’t need a sleek yogurt kit, but I also knew what I do need is ease. I have two toddler boys, and easiest/fastest wins.

While on the site, I got side-tracked. DIY beauty! Christmas presents?! Salt scrub! Salt scrubs as Christmas presents! So easy. (Although I am not sure how excited my mom would be to receive a salt scrub from me, but that’s neither here nor there.)

I ended up ordering several different products from the site, including Dead Sea Salts (be sure to let your spouse know that these are not for consumption or ice cream making!)(ahem!) and Aura Cacia essential oils.

Last night I made my first two batches of the salt scrub. The ingredients were just coconut oil, Dead Sea Salt, and approx. 10 drops of essential oils (which I know very little about, but do know some can irritate your skin). One of my batches was straight up sweet orange and the other was a blend of 7 drops of spearmint and 3 drops of the sweet orange.


DIY Salt Scrub Recipe

This is the recipe I used, courtesy of the Cultures for Health website and from many other sources on the web.

1/4 cup coconut oil
1/2 cup Dead Sea Salt
Approx. 10 drops of essential oils (which I know very little about, but do know some can irritate your skin)(I did one of just sweet orange and one that was a mix of 7 drops of speramint and 3 drops of the sweet orange)

Mix the above ingredients in a medium-sized bowl. Once mixed, put in jars/plastic containers/etc. (I used plastic jars that I bought on the Cultures for Life website.)(I would prefer glass, but since I shower in the same bathroom that my toddler sons bathe in, leaving glass in there seems a little dangerous to me.)



I didn’t have time to take a shower today to test out my efforts, but I am already searching for a recipe that doesn’t include the coconut oil. Other than citrus, I am not a fan of non-herbal scents, and coconut oil just reminds me a little bit too much of Malibu Rum. And that week I tested everyone’s favorite internet fad of swishing, which makes my jaw ache just thinking about it.

I have found some intriguing recipes, but they don’t promise to keep for about 4 months. I don’t want to give my girlfriends a gift that needs to be used within a week or two.

So look for another blog post as I continue to hone this recipe.